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Image by Radu Florin

"I found it really easy to trust and open up to Christina without fear of shame or judgment. She is so insightful and personable."

"Being asked the right questions and answering them honestly allowed me to untangle the mess in my head."

"I was so close to ending my own life and after the sessions I realised what a waste this would have been. Bad things happen but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good life."

"My advice is to be honest & open in sessions, you and Christina are on the same team, let her help you. Progress isn't patient with yourself."

"I would advise (therapy) can be challenging at times, there’s tears, laughter and most importantly the end result, the freedom from your own thoughts and head its totally liberating."

"I found (Christina) easy to confide in, compassionate and loved that she was able to challenge me appropriately and sensitively." 

"My experience of therapy was life saving/ life changing, completely transformative."

"EMDR can be uncomfortable, the results I cant even begin to summarise, all I can say is a positive life changing experience."

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