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Couples therapy isn’t just for couples who are on the brink of separating. Couples therapy can be a wonderful opportunity to deepen an already healthy relationship. However, more often than not the couples in therapy are the ones who are struggling to find compromise, collaboration and understanding. Relationships are rarely easy but the good news is that difficulties does not have to signify the end of a relationship. This is the ethos I practice under within my specialist practice as a Developmental Model Couples Therapist. The training I have undertaken allows me to teach couples about the different developmental stages relationships go through and therefore identify the stage in which a couple has become stuck in. In doing so we can begin to identify individual and joint goals, begin opening up the channels of honest communication and effective listening and begin making use of the tools on offer to strengthen your relationship.

Couples sessions are between 90 minutes and 2 hours long. You may question why and my answer is very simple. Individual sessions are 1 hour long, why would you not have double the time for double the people? At the very least in order to work effectively with a couple I request 1.5 hour sessions. If you want the best from your sessions and for your relationship, you will benefit most from these longer sessions.

The phases of treatment are very similar to individual sessions. However, therapeutic intervention begins in the first session with a specific aim to alter the unhelpful aspects of the relational system. If you are curious enough to begin approaching your relationship in a different way then please get in touch to discuss arranging your first session. 

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